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    Job Title : Environmental Health Officer
    Company Name : First Nations Health Authority (FNHA)
    Job Type : Contract
    Job Location : Vancouver, BC, CA
    Post Date : 2019-07-09
    Close Date : 2019-07-18
    How To Apply:

    Description :

    Promotes and enhances the health and wellness of First Nations Communities through the implementation, assessment, and evaluation of environmental public health programs and services in communicable disease control, drinking water, health and housing, food safety, solid waste, public buildings, emergency preparedness and response, risk assessment, environmental contaminants research, wastewater disposal, and pest management.

    1. Implements environmental public health programs and services, and conducts environmental public health assessments. Evaluates data, technical and scientific information, and assesses current and future impacts on public health. Provides information in developing health advisories, and other recommendations. Identifies and recommends prevention control measures, prepares reports, and identifies studies and/or research to be conducted.
    2. Assesses compliance of environmental health programs and services with existing provincial and federal acts, regulations, codes, guidelines, and standards. Provides advice and recommends mitigation methods to ensure compliance with legislation, and to protect public health.
    3. Conducts routine and/or demand inspections of facilities, and provides advice, guidance, review, and recommendations for corrective action, including closure if required.
    4. Investigates suspected and confirmed communicable and non communicable disease, including outbreaks, in collaboration and cooperation with local, provincial, and federal health authorities as appropriate. Collects and analyzes information, provides advice, engages in follow-up activities, implements prevention and control measures, and prepares reports in collaboration with the Director, Health Protection, and other public health professionals.
    5. Utilizes and performs calibration on specialized testing equipment to sample and/or monitor air, including mould, asbestos, carbon monoxide, and drinking water quality during routine and demand inspection and/or investigations for inclusion in health risk assessments. Utilizes software and databases to catalogue inspection and/or investigation observations and activities. Prepares reports, organizes surveillance, demonstrates trends, and provides advice and recommendations to management, First Nations leadership, and other partners for the protection of First Nations individual and population health.
    6. Participates in the development of community specific emergency response plans to ensure environmental public health considerations are addressed, and emergency response plans are updated.
    7. Develops and delivers educational material, workshops, presentations, and formal training, including providing and directing training of Environmental Health Officer trainees in monitoring, sampling, data analysis, and interpretation of results. Acts as a resource person and provides community based public education training to First Nations individuals, chiefs, councils, and other technical health professionals in the core program areas.
    8. Identifies immediate and potential health hazards in collaboration and cooperation with local, provincial, and federal health authorities, and issues advisories as appropriate.
    9. Participates in the planning, development, and evaluation of programs through technical reviews, and surveillance and monitoring activities, and participates in the development and review of regulations, standards, policies, and guidelines.
    10. Liaises with First Nation, federal, provincial, and municipal authority, and private industry regarding environmental public health issues, and advocates on the behalf of First Nation communities as required.
    11. Participates in community specific project management teams by conducting and reviewing environmental screening and/or assessments, monitoring the ongoing progress of projects, and assisting in the preparation and development of research proposals, activities, and analysis of data.
    12. Delivers presentations to other government departments and/or agencies, private industry, and First Nations leaders and membership regarding environmental public health programs, issues, and solutions.
    13. Performs other related duties as assigned.

    Education, Training and Experience:
    * Bachelor of Technology Degree in Environmental Health or Public Health Inspection recognized by the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI).
    * Six months of related experience or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.
    * Certificate in Public Health Inspection (Canada) granted by the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI).
    * Certifications such as Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Onsite Wastewater Management, CSA Playground Inspector, and Small Water System Operation.

    Temporary Application Deadline:July 18, 2019 at 4:00 pm

    * Knowledge of, and ability to model, First Nations traditions, etiquettes, cultural principles, and protocols.
    * Knowledge of current legislation and related guidelines, and standards and policies within the program areas, as well as their implication and application to First Nations.
    * Knowledge of First Nations leadership, jurisdictions, mandates, Memorandum of Understanding, community infrastructure, politics and protocols, culture, traditional health and healing practices, geography, structure, facilities, and surrounding communities.
    * Knowledge of current theories, concepts, techniques, and principles of environmental public health.
    * Ability to understand and apply theories, principles, practices, and techniques in biology, chemistry, communicable disease, epidemiology, pathophysiology, ecology, toxicology, and other health sciences.
    * Ability to read and interpret scientific literature and research.
    * Ability to gather current scientific information, complex laboratory analysis, reports, and/or legislation.
    * Ability to gather, analyze, and synthesize scientific evidence information on hazards from environmental public health monitoring data, and translate into general terms.
    * Ability to analyze different sources of data, and technical and/or scientific reports to provide recommendations of mitigation measures and/or strategies.
    * Knowledge of application methods and techniques in education, and training of adults.
    * Knowledge and use of communications, negotiation, consultation, and problem-solving skills.
    * Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.
    * Public speaking skills.
    * Problem solving, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.
    * Knowledge of Provincial Health Ministries and/or Agencies, Regional Health Authorities, specialized laboratories and agencies providing related services, national and international organizations/associations/institutes/foundations.
    * Knowledge of occupational health and safety practices and principals, and the use of personal, protective equipment.
    * Knowledge of, and ability to use, electronic information systems for data management, analysis, interpretation, and reporting.
    * Ability to operate related field equipment.
    * Ability to analyze, observe, and detect presence of contaminants.
    * Physical ability to perform the duties of the position

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