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    Job Title : Director Crisis Response Centre
    Company Name : First Nations Health Authority (FNHA)
    Job Type : Full Time
    Job Location : West Vancouver, BC, CA
    Post Date : 2019-01-09
    Close Date : 2019-01-21
    How To Apply:

    Description :

    If you have a strategic mind and strong leadership skills to deal with crisis this position may be for you! The position of Director of the Crisis Response Centre provides strategic consultative expertise and leadership to the development, implementation and ongoing delivery and management of a province wide FNHA Crisis Response Centre.

    The position works within the FNHA framework for crisis response and emergency management and in strong collaborative partnerships with federal and provincial emergency agencies, FNHA leadership, Regional Executive Directors/regional teams, and First Nations Communities and other stakeholders.

    1. Leads and directs the development of a detailed workplan for the creation, implementation and ongoing management of an FNHA Crisis Response Centre guided by the FNHA Emergency Management Report and Workplan as well as the documentation developed by Interior Region in response to wildfire season 2017.
    - Key elements include ensuring FNHA, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), Ministry of Health (MoH), Emergency Management BC (EMBC), Health Emergency Management BC (HEMBC) and Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) work collaboratively towards a seamless emergency response system that defines roles, responsibilities and procedures and the inclusion of traditional ecological knowledge in all Regions and recognition of First Nations jurisdiction in their traditional territories.
    2. Provides strategic program consultation, expertise and leadership to the development and implementation of standardized policies, procedures, processes and service standards to ensure a coordinated FNHA approach to crisis response/emergency management, including recovery and re-entry.
    3. Provides professional advice, expertise and leadership, while working in collaboration with RHAs and Regional Emergency Response Coordinators, to support the protection of health services and infrastructures within First Nations during all stages of crisis/emergency events.
    4. Provides professional advice, expertise and leadership to First Nations in alignment of their health needs and responses in emergency plans and structures with that of EMBC, HEMBC, local authorities and agencies, etc. to ensure their involvement and that their interests are identified and included.
    5. Represents the FNHA as an expert, while working in collaboration and partnership with Canada, MoH, RHAs, other FNHA departments/teams as well as other emergency management agencies, to identify and implement mental health resources and supports for residents both during and after disasters/crisis.
    6. Represents the FNHA as an expert, while working in collaboration and partnership with MoH, RHAs and other FNHA departments/teams, to develop sustainable mental health recovery programs acknowledging cultural linkages to the land and the compounding challenge of historical trauma.
    7. Represents the FNHA as an expert, and as a member of the HEMBC Table to ensure First Nation health issues and interests are recognized and addressed.
    8. Represents the FNHA as an expert, while working in collaboration with MoH Wildfire Smoke Response Coordination Group to develop processes, to support FNHA and RHAs in responding to wildfire smoke events, including resource materials, surveillance tools; primary contact working in collaboration with OCMO and Regional Environmental Public Health Service Managers.
    9. Leads, directs and coordinates the development and implementation of an FNHA decision-making tree and processes regarding evacuations and travel authorizations, including development of checklists and supports to FNHA facilities including health centres and nursing stations to prepare for, and execute, evacuations.
    10. Leads, directs and provides oversight to the development, implementation and ongoing management of recovery and re-entry checklists, standards and approaches.
    11. Leads, directs and provides oversight to the management of all crisis/emergency preparedness and response including, but not limited to, wildfire, floods and environmental disasters to support prompt, consistent, and quality response to crisis and emergencies affecting BC First Nation communities.
    12. Leads, directs and provides oversight to the development and implementation of an online system for First Nation evacuees and response/recovery reimbursements.
    13. Provides expertise and support to the drafting of a Communicable Disease Protocol with RHAs to support effective notification, communication and response to disease outbreaks.
    14. Identifies and advocates for opportunities for accessing various funding sources locally, provincially and federally.
    15. Identifies capacity building opportunities within the provincial emergency management system to ensure First Nation views and considerations are taken into account within the system
    16. Leads, directs, and provides oversight to the development and coordination of training programs FNHA staff to ensure that they understand their responsibilities within crisis response/emergency management.
    17. Develops and implements an annual crisis response/emergency management forum, involving First Nations leadership.
    18. Acts as the executive level FNHA advisor in crisis response and emergency management while working in collaboration and partnership with other leaders and teams of the FNHA.
    19. Builds and maintains effective, culturally relevant and respectful relationships within the FNHA and with federal, provincial and regional emergency management agencies, FNHA regional teams and First Nation leadership and communities.
    20. Establishes and maintains academic, professional and inter-governmental networks to develop and evaluate Crisis Response Centre development and establish key linkages.
    21. Provides functional direction to Crisis Response Advisors, and other internal or external stakeholders during crisis. Determines and allocates FNHA resources to ensure sufficient response to crisis across various departments such as, Nursing, EPHS, Health Benefits, and Mental Wellness.
    22. Develops and manages budgets for the respective functional area, ensuring that all service and program expenditures are maintained within established limits.
    23. Manages the team including workload management, priority setting and with responsibility for all areas of human resources including recruitment, wellness, learning & development planning, coaching, performance evaluation, discipline etc.
    24. Performs other duties as assigned.

    * A University Degree with specialization in Public Health, Health Sciences or other relevant health field or an acceptable combination of education, training and professional experience

    * 5 to 10 years of recent and significant experience in crisis response/emergency management and/or responding to health related emergencies
    * Recent and significant experience working within inter-governmental relationships and responsibilities, particularly as relevant to crisis response/emergency planning
    * Experience, training or qualifications in health emergency management or emergency management
    * Experience in providing advice and recommendations to senior management on health crisis and emergency preparedness and response issues
    * Experience working with First Nations communities and/or organizations

    Employee Class: Permanent
    Application Deadline: Janaury 21, 2019 @ 4:00pm

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