Job Details

    Job Title : Acupressure Therapists & Customer Service Supervisor
    Company Name : King Feet Massage
    Job Type : Full Time
    Job Location : North Vancouver
    Post Date : 2018-11-02
    Close Date : 2019-04-30
    How To Apply: Please send your resume to:

    Description :

    Acupressure Therapists

    Position Requirements

    Completion of a diploma or degree program in Chinese traditional medicine is required

    Previous experience as an acupressure therapist is required

    Main duties:

    Diagnose clients’ health problem and find the cause of the symptoms and apply acupressure therapy to clients to relieve problem

    Apply acupressure to clients to relieve symptoms, pain, muscle problems based on the diagnose and information given by the clients

    After the acupressure therapy, leave memo for clients’ condition and pass it to the receptionist for rescheduling the acupressure therapy sessions if necessary

    Hourly Wage: $17~$21/hour (Depending on the experience)

    Weekly working hours: 30 hours~40hours/week (Full time)




    Customer Service Supervisor

    Position Requirements

    Minimum of six months’ experience in customer/client service, spa management or related experience is required.  

    Completion of college diploma is required

    Note.If candidate only has high school diploma,  the candidate must prove at least 2 years’ experience in customer service, spa management, hotel service/hospitality management or related experience.

    Main duties:

    Supervise and co-ordinate tasks of the receptionist and other customer service/sales clerks

    Oversee the overall customer service

    Schedule, coach and train clerks for serving customers, responding to customer inquiries and hygiene to ensure their behaviors comply with company policies

    Take service appointments from customers and answer questions regarding company’s services and products for customers

    Consult customers and recommend the massage services

    Solve any customers complaints arise in the store or via phone and email

    Prepare customer clerk’s report

    Check and order supplies such as towel, skincare products and maintain the sanitation and function of the equipment


    Hourly Wage: $25~$26/hour (Depending on the experience)

    Weekly working hours: 30 hours~40hours/week (Full time)


    King Feet Massage 

    824 15th St W, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1M6


    How to apply:

    Please send your resume to:

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