Job Details

    Job Title : 1148 Clinical Nurse Advisor, Immunization (2 Year Term)
    Company Name : First Nations Health Authority (FNHA)
    Job Type : Full Time
    Job Location : Vancouver, BC, CA
    Post Date : 2018-04-14
    Close Date : 2018-05-14
    How To Apply:

    Description :

    Do you want to join a passionate team who is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of First Nations communities? You have a holistic approach to health and wellness, and understanding of First Nations cultural principles and protocols. As a Clinical Nurse Advisor, Immunization, you will provide capacity-building immunization clinical consulting services and support to nurses working in First Nations communities and FNHA regional nurse consultants.

    In this role you will act as a clinical resource for Community Health Nurses, alongside assisting in developing, modifying and adapting tools, guidelines, policies and procedures in support of Immunization nursing programs and general program delivery. You will also establish, coordinate, train and support Community Immunization Champions by developing specialized programs.

    1. Provides capacity-building Immunization Clinical consulting services and support to FNHA regional nurse consultants and First Nations Communities, including clinical direction and support to build capacity and sign off for Community Health Nurse Immunization Competence via the Skills Checklist Assessment process.
    2. Acts as a clinical resource for CHNs regarding community immunization program concerns, individual immunization planning, cold chain break management, and response to immunization issues. Supports the community in their relationship with the regional health authority.
    3. Establishes, coordinates, trains and supports Community Immunization Champions by assisting in the development of Community Immunization Champion program. Organizes and implements the training program for Community Immunization champions who will carry out support activities and programming. Monitors and coordinates the Community Immunization Champions program for First Nations communities participating program, including community support workers. Identifies program needs to the CDC Nurse Coordinator, Immunization.
    4. Provides assistance to individual Community Health Centers/Nursing Stations for development of and ongoing support for Immunization programs.
    5. Acts as a resource person regarding immunization program development for health care personnel by interpreting and implementing the policies of FNHA and the BCCDC Immunization program.
    6. Assists in developing, modifying and adapting tools guidelines, policies and procedures in support of Immunization nursing programs and general program delivery.
    7. Supports in leading, preparing, maintaining and distributing information in support of Immunization programs, including procedure manuals, orientation packages, professional development plans, nursing education manuals, and training plans at the Regional level.
    8. Prepares detailed reports describing program deliverables and community status as requested by the leadership team.
    9. Participates in program planning and research within Health Protection by participating in quality and safety initiatives, accreditation and other FNHA initiatives. Providing input into research planning and implementing research activities and assisting in review of research results.
    10. Performs other related duties as assigned.

    •  Bachelor of Nursing with a community health component plus two (2) years of experience in Immunization programming and experience working with First Nations people, or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.
    •  Current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification.
    •  Current practicing registration as a Registered Nurse with the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC).

    •  Knowledge of, and ability to apply, an understanding of First Nations cultural principles and protocols in work situations.
    •  Knowledge of, and ability to apply, navigate of regional relationships between FNHA, Regional health authority and First Nations Communities to support best practice in delivery of immunization services for community wellness.
    •  Knowledge of the cultural traditions and practices in client First Nations communities
    •  Knowledge of traditional, alternative, complementary, and other recognized healing practices.
    •  Knowledge of First Nations cultures and backgrounds, and the understanding of how culture impacts on communication patterns, attitudes, and approaches to health issues.
    •  Knowledge of advanced immunization nursing practice, principles, and clinical management of deviations from these.
    •  Knowledge of the theories, concepts, and principles of Immunization.
    •  Knowledge of the nursing process, conceptual frameworks of nursing, and the theories and principles of nursing practice.
    •  Problem solving techniques and/or skills.
    •  Competency as an adult educator and public speaker.

    Application Deadline: Posting open until filled

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